A Vibrant Spring Refresh!

A Vibrant Spring Refresh!

Shop update! 

Saturday 3/23 @ 12PM EST

It’s been an early spring here in Western North Carolina and we are already seeing many of our favorite flowers flushing out over the hills and forest floors. We’ve been nibbling on cress, violets, and dandelions like little bunnies and waiting for the green leaves to come out and work their way over the mountains that surround our home. It's been a busy year for this small business. With a sparkly new website and plans to grow out of my little home studio in Candler - into a larger space in Asheville! We will have more news about this and other exciting plans for the year in coming newsletters.  

In the spirit of all of this fresh new life, we have a fun, vibrant collection of Forest Creatures (Pixies, Owls, ready-to-ship Bunnies, and beautiful new accessories) coming at you this Saturday at 12pm EST. I hope you enjoy this little collection and see fit to bring a few new friends into your home to hop into Easter baskets or tuck into bed next to your darling children. 

Previews of all of our new dolls and frocks are now live - listed as "Coming Soon"

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