Our Story

photograph of Forest Creature Dolls studio

Forest Creature dolls are one-of-a-kind, heirloom quality pieces - handmade by Joti Marra and her small team of artisans in Western North Carolina. 


Why Forest Creature Dolls, according to founder, Joti Marra – 

I created Forest Creature dolls to fill a void in our culture for quality handmade goods for children. To weave magic out of cloth and thread and transform ordinary materials into dreams. I hope to foster and nurture a child's imagination through the toys we give/make them. As a business owner, I wish to provide a stellar work environment for fellow creatives and craftsmen. To bring industry back to our small mountain town and to improve the world by slowing down and providing an opportunity to buy less and with more intention.


Joti Marra
Owner & Creative Director, 2015
Inspired by: magic, vintage books, the natural world, light
Favorite book as a child: Chronicles of Narnia, Elf Quest
Favorite FC Doll: Pixie
Keep up with Joti, follow @forestcreaturedolls on Instagram to learn about new releases, current projects, & a peek into the FC world.