Our Story

Forest Creature dolls are one-of-a-kind, heirloom quality pieces - handmade by Joti Marra and her small team of artisans in Western North Carolina. 

WHY Forest Creature Dolls, according to founder, Joti Marra – 

To fill a void in our culture for quality handmade goods for children. To show children and adults alike the power of their own hands by using mine to make things slowly and intentionally. To weave magic out of cloth and thread and transform ordinary materials into dreams. To explore color, texture, and trends in a fun and playful manner. To foster and nurture imagination through the toys we give our children. To provide a stellar work environment for fellow creatives and craftsmen. To bring industry back to our small mountain town. To improve the world in my humble choice to slow down and provide an opportunity to buy less and with more intention. 

I find that our modern culture to be lacking in high value handmade items. There was a time when everything we bought was “made somewhere.” Your father was a smith, your mother wove fabric, your neighbor ran a bakery and so on. Now no one knows where or how anything is made. I dream of bringing back the ability to work with your hands at a craft you are passionate about and make a living doing just that!

And so here I am building my brand in the dreams of bringing back some small corner of handmade industry in America. It is a privlage to create a cottage industry in my community and at the risk of sounding cheesy I believe I was born to work with my hands and prove others the opportunity to do the same. My grandmother Suzanne used to say I have “magic hands” and it shaped the way I feel about the power of not just my hands but all of the abilities we all have access to! I believe we all have magic in our hands and I believe when we buy something intentionally made in a thoughtful way using craft and skill we get to bring some of that magic back into our world. And if there’s one thing the modern world needs more of its magic! 


Keep up with Joti @forestcreaturedolls on Instagram to learn about new releases, what she's working on, and peek into her world.