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Kye and Hardy holiday 2023 doll quilts

Kye and Hardy holiday 2023 doll quilts

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Beautiful hand-dyed doll quilts from our friends @kyeandhardy

Each of these beauties are handmade with so much love and care and will make the most thoughtful gift for the special person in your life. Perfect for dolly tea parties, snuggling that treasured stuffy into bed on the chilly nights ahead or maybe even as a nursery adornment for the wall above a crib. All the fabric is hand dyed so please expect variations in color and saturation. 

Choose one of eight colorways above. You can't go wrong!

Each quilt is approximately 23"x23"

For more information on Kelly - 

etsy: Kelly Kye Quilts

Instagram: @kyeandhardy


side note these quilts fit perfectly on her Dream Come True bed 

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