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Forest Creature

tide pool petal pixie boy

tide pool petal pixie boy

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Meet the Forest Creature Petal Pixie! 

At 10" tall our Petal Pixies are perfect for snuggling, tucking into pockets, and dress up.

This unique doll is made up of cotton, wool/rayon felt, and stuffed with recycled pollyfill. The yarn hair is a combination of wool, mohair, and acrylic yarn. Each doll is lovingly hand stitched in Asheville, North Carolina.

PLEASE NOTE - this darlin pixie has had a little mishap. Some of the dye from his beautiful blue hair has tranfeted onto his face. He’s still sweet as can be but we’ve disscounted him to reflect the issue. xo

Forest Creature Dolls are not intended for children under three. They are best suited for snuggling, tea parties, road trip adventures and not at all suited for hard play such as tug of war.

  • Spot Clean As Needed
  • Handle With Care
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